All system notifications

Organisations without a listed signatory will receive the message below upon logging in.

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A signatory is required so organisations can accept the CJSM terms and conditions annually. You can complete this by logging in and clicking on the ‘CJSM Terms & Conditions’ link in the banner or by navigating to the properties tab for your organisation.

To access shared mailboxes, click on your name located on the left hand side above your Inbox folder.

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As part of our commitment to improving the CJSM service, we have carried out a change so when you compose an email using your Webmail account, the auto address completion will display your personal address book contacts above the global directory results, allowing you to locate contacts more quickly and efficiently.

User guides have been created to ensure users get the most out of the new service. These guides can be found here Alternatively you can find user guides under Common Tasks in the Help section by clicking 'More' and 'HeIp' on the top right hand side of the screen. If you require additional advice and guidance, please contact the CJSM Helpdesk on 0207 604 5598 or

If you are unable to login, click “Can’t login” located the under the login button. If you're unable to answer your security questions, please contact your local CJSM administrator. If you are the nominated CJSM administrator please contact the CJSM Helpdesk by emailing or phoning 0207 604 5598 between 08:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday.